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Hi I’m Angie,

A Functional Nutritonist Registered Dietitian.
Are you ready to live your best life and overcome your health challenges, but don’t know where to start? I understand the struggle because I’ve been there too!

Whatever your style, I meet you where you're at.

I want to connect with you in a comfortable way that doesn’t break the bank. I offer various services to fit your needs, including 1:1 health coaching programs, group coaching programs, functional testing, and self-paced mini-programs. My signature program is a longer-duration, customized service designed to address specific health challenges.

Find the Right Tools to Heal

If you are reading this and feeling “stuck” mentally and physically, you’re in the right place. I help people make sense of what causes physical struggles and step by step we address each issue together. As you heal, you start to take charge of your health and listen more closely to your body. Then you can discern what really contributes to your health challenges. I help you become independent and master of your own challenges!

Support Your Wellness with Healing Supplements

Your healing journey begins with targeted supplement support. After an in-depth analysis of your current health history, medications and current complaints, targeted supplements are used to promote healing along with diet and lifestyle changes. Our bodies work in synergy and repletion of vitamin deficiencies is often essential to achieving better health. I use pharmaceutical grade, science based products that are made in the United States and undergo quality testing.

The Seven Pillars

The Seven Pillars of Health are the foundation of wellness. Modern day life has greatly altered our daily habits which can send our health in to a downward spiral. I use a detailed health questionaire to start the process of identifiying areas of imbalance within the Seven Pillars.

Healthy Clients Say It Best

"Angie is great to work with and very knowledgeable! She helped me with diet changes to assist with my autoimmune disease and it helped a lot! As a result of my improved health, I was able to get back to working training horses and resume my exercise routine as I did before I became ill."

~ Carrie S.

"I have been working with Angie for a year now and I continue to be amazed at her commitment and support for helping me become all God planned for me to be! She uses a holistic approach as she develops a personalized, custom program for improving health, spirit and soul. She truly cares about her clients."

~ Barb W.

"Working with Angie on changing my meals and habits made a fast and positive change to a digestive problem I had been battling. Within a short time, I was already feeling better! I would highly recommend having a conversation with her about your specific issues."

~ Jack M.

Food for Thought

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