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Virtual 1:1 Coaching Programs

Simple Balance Plan

Unlock the door to a healthier, more vibrant you with “Simple Balance” – my 60 day nutrition program offers a tailored approach to address your unique health condition and aspirations.

The Simple Balance program includes four immersive 1:1 coaching sessions designed to provide personalized guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way. Our sessions delve deep into your individual needs, preferences, and challenges, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to nutrition.

In addition to personalized coaching and a custom nutrition plan, “Simple Balance” offers a practical toolkit to facilitate your journey towards better health. Dive into a wealth of resources, including a personalized  meal plan or recipe collection with delicious, nourishing recipes tailored to your dietary requirements and taste preferences.

Whether you’re striving to overcome health challenges, revitalize your energy, or simply cultivate a healthier lifestyle, this program will provide the resources and roadmap you need to achieve your health goals.

Sweet Success

A 30 Day Program to Banish Belly Fat

Are you tired of battling stubborn belly fat, endless dieting, and feeling overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition advice?

This program harnesses the power of a continuous glucose monitor to personalize your diet for fat loss. Glucose spikes happen when your blood sugar rises too quickly from the foods you eat. These glucose spikes cause the accumulation of stubborn belly fat. My program helps you gave valuable insight so you can transform your eating habits and lose belly fat without restrictive diets.

Sweet Success

Revitalize Her

A 90 Day Fat Loss Program

Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets that never seem to work? Ready to embrace a holistic weight loss and well-being approach tailored specifically for women over 40?

Introducing Revitalize Her Fat Loss Program, the revolutionary program designed to empower women like you to reclaim control over their bodies, understand the nuances of perimenopause and menopause and achieve lasting results without the torture of traditional diets.

My program helps you lose body fat in a sustainable way and move away from chronic dieting.

Group Coaching Programs

Everything gets better when we do it together. Join with other women as you navigate your health changes. I have two group coaching programs available several times a year,

Unapologetically You is an eight-week group coaching program designed to help you break away from dieting, create a deeper connection with yourself and improve your relationship with food. Button link

Feeling Fresh Restart program is a two-week program to help you explore lifestyle practices, create daily habits to enhance your health and re-establish healthy eating habits.

Revitalize Her Fat Loss Program for Women Over 40: I run my signature program, Revitalize Her, as a group program twice a year. This program provides the same strategies and offerings as my 1:1 coaching program but is done in an online group setting. Revitalize Her >>

Self Paced Programs

Savor and Shed Program

Savor and Shed is my 30-day self-paced program that uses the power of mindful eating to help you shed extra body fat without dieting. Mindful eating isn’t just another diet trend; it’s a powerful practice that cultivates a deeper connection between your mind, body, and food. By tuning into the present moment and engaging all your senses during meals, you’ll discover a newfound awareness of hunger cues, satiety signals, and emotional triggers that influence your eating habits.

Balanced Burn: Four Week Meal Plan for Fat Loss

“BalancedBurn: Ignite Fat Loss with Macro Magic” is a comprehensive meal plan program tailored specifically for women over 40 navigating hormonal changes while striving to achieve their weight loss goals. This program is designed to provide a balanced mix of macronutrients—proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats—in each meal to optimize metabolism and promote fat-burning effectively.

Functional Testing

I offer function testing to help you find the root cause of your health issues.

Mineral Analysis
Using a small hair sample, the lab can capture a three month picture of your mineral status, identify nutrients usage and ratios between key minerals that influence digestion, thyroid function, metabolism, the nervous system, blood sugar and stress. Utilizing the data from the report, I create a customized plan to address any imbalances in your mineral status. I highly recommend this test as a starting point.

Digestive Health Evaluation
This test uses a small amount of stool you collect at home and ship to the lab. A complete analysis of your digestive picture is detailed in a 4-5 page report. The GI Map uses state of the art technology to provide accurate details using PCR technology. Addressing gut imbalances can improve stubborn acne, autoimmune issues, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues and weight loss resistance. You will receive your test results and a custom plan to rebalance your digestive system.

Hormone Testing
The Dutch Test provides a complete picture of your sex and stress hormones, the pathways your hormones take as they are broken down into metabolites and your ability to utilize hormones efficiently. Urine and saliva testing captures specific hormone measurements that can not be obtained from a blood draw. You will receive your test results and a custom plan to improve hormone balance.

Functional Women’s Health Bloodwork Panel
Not getting the testing you need from your doctor’s office? You’re not alone! Insurance doesn’t cover all the appropriate testing you need. Get a comprehensive assessment of your health with my custom bloodwork panel from Ulta labs.