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Virtual 1:1 Coaching Programs

I offer three different one-to-one coaching programs to fit your needs.

The Simple Balance Plan includes a custom nutrition plan, a recipe collection and/or a meal plan, supplement recommendations and lifestyle strategies to help feel your best.

The Carb Compatibility Program uses the power of a CGM and AI to assess your response to carbohydrates and personalize your diet. How would it feel to eat bread without fear? This coaching program will help you optimize your blood sugar and reduce glucose spikes while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Unapologetically You is an eight week 1:1 coaching program that will help you break away from chronic dieting, create a deeper connection with yourself, and improve your relationship with food.

Group Coaching Programs

Everything gets better when we do it together. Join with other women as you navigate your health changes. I have two group coaching programs available several times a year,

Unapologetically You is an eight-week group coaching program designed to help you break away from dieting, create a deeper connection with yourself and improve your relationship with food. Button link

Feeling Fresh Restart program is a two-week program to help you explore lifestyle practices, create daily habits to enhance your health and re-establish healthy eating habits.

Functional Testing

I offer function testing to help you find the root cause of your health issues.

Mineral Analysis
Using a small hair sample, the lab can capture a three month picture of your mineral status, identify nutrients usage and ratios between key minerals that influence digestion, thyroid function, metabolism, the nervous system, blood sugar and stress. Utilizing the data from the report, I create a customized plan to address any imbalances in your mineral status. I highly recommend this test as a starting point.

Digestive Health Evaluation
This test uses a small amount of stool you collect at home and ship to the lab. A complete analysis of your digestive picture is detailed in a 4-5 page report. The GI Map uses state of the art technology to provide accurate details using PCR technology. Addressing gut imbalances can improve stubborn acne, autoimmune issues, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues and weight loss resistance. You will receive your test results and a custom plan to rebalance your digestive system.

Hormone Testing
The Dutch Test provides a complete picture of your sex and stress hormones, the pathways your hormones take as they are broken down into metabolites and your ability to utilize hormones efficiently. Urine and saliva testing captures specific hormone measurements that can not be obtained from a blood draw. You will receive your test results and a custom plan to improve hormone balance.

Functional Women’s Health Bloodwork Panel
Not getting the testing you need from your doctor’s office? You’re not alone! Insurance doesn’t cover all the appropriate testing you need. Get a comprehensive assessment of your health with my custom bloodwork panel from Ulta labs.

Corporate Employee Wellness

Everyone loses if an employee can not function to their true potential. Give your employees the gift of better health with a custom health plan. I meet with your employees individually or as a group, virtually on their schedule to support their health goals.

Stay Healthy in College

College is an exciting time in life! Health coaching can provide the support to help students manage stress and eat better.

Health Coaching

The key to making health changes is structure and consistency. My coaching programs can be accessed in a format that keeps you engaged and motivated. Choose a program that you feel comfortable with.

Self Study

Take a self-study course with pre-recorded modules, prompts, nutrition/recipe plans , worksheets and quizzes to keep you engaged.

Group Plan

Join with others to get additional support and learn as a group. Every program includes handouts, worksheets, and pre-recorded or live modules to guide you every step of the way.

One on One Coaching

This plan is for anyone who feels they need more personal accountability and guidance. Together we identify the factors that have you frustrated, depressed and trapped in a cycle you’d love to break. My one on one coaching programs give you feedback and support every.

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